Ahhh man what can I say..I am now 31! I’m very thankful and grateful to have made it through year 30 and to see year 31. Just thinking back, I get emotional because I really have grown through so much. Chapter 30 has been the most interesting year thus far. It came with a plethora of accomplishments along with some unwanted hurdles I had to cross. I had to go through a purposeful isolation process. In that process I had to unlearn certain behaviors: behaviors from past relationships and even behaviors based off tradition or religion.

I was in a place where it was just me and God. It was a beautiful place. Yet, it was hard and painful. If anyone has gone through an isolation process then you know it’s a very difficult process. If I’m honest, there were plenty of times where I doubted God. I questioned the season I was in. But in order for me to have gotten to the next level, there were things that God needed to purge from me. Things like insecurities, comparison, fear and issues from previous relationships that I never dealt with or I felt weren’t an issue any longer. Boy was I wrong.

But in the end result of that process, I was able to walk out on faith and boldness to further my career by applying for a job that I felt I was not qualified for. But God!!!! He’s faithful!!

I was able to go forth and host my first event (Beautified). In the midst of that I was able to connect with an old friend who was a tremendous blessing in helping me with the event. SN: God will send you everything you need when you’re obedient. Also because of my obedience I was able to connect and plan for future events with other women with similar goals. So stay tuned 🙂

So the purpose of Beautified: It focuses on self love. It’s about being yourself and loving yourself wholeheartedly. It encourages different. Love your different! Own your different! It’s about accountability. It’s about removing the mask and this persona that we keep up for the public eye. Let’s get Beautified!!!!! That was so corny..Lolol…but seriously….never mind….moving on….

Because of the purging and the isolation, I have a new found confidence that only came from God. I’m able to accept all of me. Not just the cool, laid back me but the awkward, weird me. The corny me. The music loving me. The tom-boyish me. The unbalanced in the gym me…ya’ll get the drift. Lol.

God shows me what love is on a daily. Because of that and my confidence in Him, I’m becoming a better woman, daughter, sister and friend. I’m seeing myself as Christ sees me. Of course there is still work to be done but I’m learning to love others through the lens of Him. I’m learning more about the intent of relationship and what it supposed to be. All in all I’m learning about life and I’m learning to live it the way it’s intended.

I’m humble, I’m thankful, I’m blessed and I’m still becoming…Journey to 31.

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