So simple yet so complicated. Levels. Requirements. Sacrifice. God has me in a humbling stage where I feel like I have to go back and repeat a process. He’s teaching love and it does not feel good. When you think of love, you think happiness, kindness, smiles and pure joy. Nope!!!! This level of love endures. It suffers long. It does not seek its own. Bears all things. Believe and hope all things.

My idea of love has been misconstrued. My love was contingent on receiving the same type of love. So it was conditional. One thing we all know is everyone is different. So that means the way I love someone does not mean I will receive the same in return. We can easily become offended if we don’t understand this. I know I’ve gotten offended because I never considered the fact that people love differently. I never considered the upbringing of a person because that also affects the way a person loves.

Love is rush or is it love is patient? Patience has not been my strongest characteristic. Remember that love endures. Part of that enduring is patience. When you want to fix what’s broken or when you want to change your situation but God tells you to be still, that’s enduring. I’m a “fixer” so if you’re anything like me, you want to hurry the process and fix things because God is taking too long. Why feel the pain or frustration longer than you have to? Well this enduring is teaching us to not count on our own ability, but God’s power and strength.

Love suffers long. Yeaaaa so about this part…. I wish you can see my eyes roll. To love when you know you wont receive anything back in return, I’m here now. To show kindness no matter how you’re treated, Yep I’m here now. Normally I would say forget it, be prideful and walk away. But the suffering is breaking something in me. I can honestly say I’m slow to react to things. I think long and hard before I respond. When I want to retaliate, I just walk away. This is no easy task. There’s nights when I cry because loving people can be hard and I just want to be done with the whole process. But I can’t. Love is the way.